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community preparedness

Founded in 1985, Community Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER) is an organization made up of more than 20 manufacturing companies. CAER serves the Brazosport and surrounding areas, promoting emergency planning in the event of an industrial emergency. CAER works to serve as the vital link between the community and industry.


how to shelter in place

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GO INSIDE your home, vehicle or building 

CLOSE WINDOWS + TURN OFF furnace and air conditioners 

Use towels to BLOCK ALL AIR FLOW 

If release gets inside PLACE WET CLOTH OVER YOUR MOUTH & NOSE 

DO NOT TRAVEL or attempt to start your vehicle 

If you hear the CAER sirens but can’t get inside, MOVE CROSSWIND 

CALL CAER line 238.CAER (2237) 

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If an event occurs that may impact your area at one of the surrounding chemical plants you will be notified by the Emergency Communications Network's (ECN) CodeRED service.  Please take a moment to visit the link provided below. Fill in the appropriate information to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts.


If you have an unlisted number and you have not registered with CAER in the past, please follow the link below to sign up for CodeRED. 



If you have a concern about a sound or odor that you believe is associated with the chemical industry, call our 24/7 hotline. A CAER dispatcher who has access to plant, local, state and federal emergency response personnel and technology can answer your questions.

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